Where Are Matt & Kim From 'Catfish' Season 1 Now? He's Been Sharing His Joy Online

Kim catfish season 7 neuer dating-trend pigging By Nicole Pomarico May 6 2015 Remember the old days, when Catfish hosts Nev Schulman and Max Joseph weren't so cynical and the couples they helped meet each other weren't necessarily up to something sinister behind the scenes? Now that the MTV show is a hit, everyone knows what it means when they get a phone call from a dude named Nev. It's a seaxon, and even though I'm still loving the show in its fourth season, it's easy to miss the simplicity of Season 1. A couple that has always stood out to me from back then was Matt and Kim, and even though their relationship didn't work out when they met, they had kim catfish season 7 pretty sweet story. So what's going on today with Matt and Kim kim catfish season 7 Catfish?

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January 25, 2018 Know someone who would love to read this article? Share it. Season 7 EP3 of Catfish is probably one of the most uncomfortable to watch episodes that I have seen so far and that all has to do with the reactions and awkwardness of Kim. This girl is slightly odd, she claims to be shy and very nervous but by the time of her meet up with her online Catfish, I was literally screaming at the TV for her to sort herself out.

Catfish S.7 E.04 "Lawrence & Cierra"

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