The untold truth of Gypsy Sisters

How old are the gypsy sisters austrian singles dating sites However, what you might not know is that the fighting was what got them the green light in the first place. Four seasons of fame for Mellie, Nettie, Kayla, and Laura originally came about because of a how old are the gypsy sisters wedding brawl from 2012. The video went viral, and the rest is TLC history. JoAnn's mother and sisters are no strangers to grand larceny and con jobs, so the police and public alike were quick to point fingers. But no one could have prepared for the hard-partying, hard-headed women who starred in the colorful series' spinoff. Ready or not, though, they were coming. And, suffice it to say, these women made an impression. Although the series only lasted four seasons, the antics of Mellie, Nettie, and the rest of the ladies of Martinsburg, West Virginia, aren't likely to fade from fans' memories anytime soon. And, if the rumors of a reunion show that pop up every few years come true, Gypsy Sisters or some incarnation of it may even manage to contribute a few more iconic reality TV moments.

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20 Strict Rules Women Must Follow In Gypsy Culture

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