Geriatric assessment: Essential skills for nurses

Geriatric assessment procedure pdf craigslist fort myers platonic relationships It is a benchmark that clinicians geriatric assessment procedure pdf to assess a patient, determine the plan of care and evaluate outcomes of the plan of care. The comprehensive geriatric assessment is highly effective for diagnosing and treating geriatric syndromes and co-morbid conditions in older adults. It provides information geriatric assessment procedure pdf understand the impact of illness; assess quality of life; identify needs; and, regulate progress. Functional decline, a component of the comprehensive geriatric assessment is often the first sign of assezsment illness.

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Geriatric assessment. Essential skills for nurses July 2011 Vol. To ensure optimal health outcomes for older adults, nurses in all settings should be familiar with geriatric health problems and demonstrate proficiency in providing care. Assessing the health needs of elderly patients can reduce their hospitalization rate and enhance their quality of life and independence.

Frail Elderly (CGA) Presentation

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Head-to-Toe Assessment Nursing - Nursing Physical Health Assessment Exam Skills

Macleod's Physical Examination Older Aldult Head to Toe Assessment OSCE Guide 2016

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