What is the Difference between Discrete and Continuous data?

What is continuous data sql training courses cape town I wish I killed myself before coming here, but i promise I will after viewing this site. I would suggest quitting life as soon as possible and stop wasting oxygen that the rest of us could have used. October 15, 2018 Celestine Espares wrote. daa example are enough February 20, 2018 Steven wrote. The examples should have been more technical. What is continuous data of which cannot be so http://be-be.me/seks-znakomstva-so-zrelimi-zhenshinami/hacked-zombie-strategy-games.php counted in general statement? For instance, through continuous, it would be saying that there are 6.

types of continuous data

This can be difficult to separate from ordinal. Data that are counted or measured using a numerically defined method are called numerical quantitative. Ordered categorical data are sometimes treated as discrete data, this is wrong. For example, using the Registrar General's classification of social class, it would be wrong to say that class I is five times the socio-economic status as class V, as there is not a strict numerical relationship between these categories.

Discrete vs. Continuous Relationships Tutorial

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what is discrete data

What is continuous data?


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