3 Signs Your Partner Has A Wandering Eye & Why It’s Probably NBD, According To Experts

Wandering eyes in a relationship lil fizz baby mama instagram June 30th, 2014 by Nick Notas 7 Comments When it comes to checking other people out while wandering eyes in a relationship a relationship, men always get the blame. The truth is that women look just as much as men — albeit in different ways. Men are visual creatures.

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By Tayi Sanusi Aug 30 2018 Once you're in a relationship, it's totally understandable to want your partner to think you are the hottest person on the planet. And surely, they do. But there are literally tons of attractive people your bae is going to come across on a daily basis, and although a glance or two can be harmless, it's still totally normal to be concerned you're missing the signs your partner has a wandering eye.

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Do all men have a wandering eye? By Jennifer Morton 8 When hubby and I went to pick up our 6-year-son from an after school activity, I had no idea of the impact it would make on our marriage. The kids were still heavily engaged in the program and several parents stood around watching and waiting. At first, I paid no attention to the young mother in the tight jeans that stood to the left of my husband. Then, I caught a glimpse of her out of the corner of my eye.

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Violence and Abuse When the issue of a partner's eyes wandering is discussed, there seem to be two general responses. Either the behavior is brushed off as nothing to be concerned about or feelings of hurt and disrespect ensue, which may harm the relationship. Some even believe that checking out people other than a committed partner is a sure sign of infidelity. The true answer to whether or not this is OK lies with you, your needs, and your personal boundaries. For partners that are bothered by the behavior, having wandering eyes is often described as. A sign of disrespect Insensitive behavior that shows a lack of caring Offensive Damaging to a relationship One of the first signs of cheating and that a person is looking for another relationship Dr. Saltz acknowledges that all humans have some measure of voyeurism and exhibitionism. we like to look and we like to show.

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I get it we are guys, we are visual, we look, blah blah blah. However we are human beings with the built in capacity for self-control and empathy. This is the message sent when your partner looks at another person with lust in their eyes. I am of the belief that a wandering eye leads to a wandering heart and where the heart goes the body is sure to follow and to be honest I was spot on in my assessment.

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