4 Серия - Ted Mosby: Architect

Ted mosby architect dating over the internet Without intent to sleep with ted mosby architect, mind you. Robin becomes increasingly more jealous as she follows Ted's footprints and realizes how much she cares about him. It turns out, though, that it ted mosby architect Barney using Ted's name and occupation to impress a woman, and that Ted actually went back to the office to work. After Robin comes up and sees the blueprints for his project, they fix their problems for the time being.

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It's gonna define the skyline of the city. If it was me, I could've designed something amazing. Instead, I'm spending 12 hours a day designing the cornices. So you and Ted had your first fight.

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Ted Mosby Is a Slut

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The Playbook "My Penis" -- Best Of Barney Stinson

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