Cost of Living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Living in milwaukee vs minneapolis kik groups for singles What do you have to lose at this point? I live in Twin Cities and have spent an enormous amount of time in Madison and Milwaukee! I'm late to the party, but here is my attempt at an un-biased take.

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Expand Eric Tadsen What is it about Milwaukee and Madison - that potent mix of mutual disdain, disregard and ignorance that characterizes their odd relationship? In fall 2011, I found myself mulling that question as I sat in the lounge of Uihlein Hall in Milwaukee, having a pre-concert drink before the Milwaukee Symphony performed Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. Why didn't I see a single familiar face from Madison milling in the crowd of music lovers? I know from experience that serious fans - for jazz, alt country, jam bands, whatever - avidly pursue their music from one venue to another.

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Posts. 16,253 You've gotten some good comparisons. I would be most apt to REALLY consider what you "think" is a long commute or a short commute, or how often that airport commute would be. Are you driving throughout 5 states?

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