10 Hidden Gems in New York City

Hidden tourist attractions nyc lee seung gi songs mp3 download Hidden tourist attractions nyc are much closer than you think and others are best left to the experts to explore, but all are authentic gems of New York City. Here are our favorite secret spots in the city. Before the 6 changes direction and heads back uptown it passes through the most spellbinding and legendary secret place in NYC — City Hall Station. Ironically, the graceful platform curve which lends it source of its charm was also its undoing. As ridership increased on the subway during the mid 20th century, cars and platforms had to be lengthened hidden tourist attractions nyc a job that would have been difficult to complete on on the curved platform. Located downtown, the old City Hall station was built in 1904 but decommissioned in 1945 because its curving track could not be used with the city's longer and newer trains. The station is beautiful, built with Guastavino tile arches, the same used in Grand Central Station , stained glass skylights, and brass lamps. You can take a tour of the station through the Transit Museum or take the 6-train going uptown and catch a quick glimpse of its beauty and wonder. Storage of books at the Library goes 30 feet deep under Bryant Park.

Times Square NYC- Discovering Hidden Secrets *No Tourist Traps*

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