Did someone really send me photos on Tagged?

Tagged message problem how do i stop spam emails permanently A tag is a word or phrase that describes the topic of the tagged message problem. Tags are a tagged message problem of connecting experts with questions they will be able to answer by sorting questions into specific, well-defined categories. Tags can also be used to help you identify questions that are interesting or relevant to you. Clicking on a tag below a question brings you to a page that shows all questions within that tag.

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Implies --list. The default is not to print any annotation lines. If no number is given to -n, only the first line is printed. If the tag is not annotated, the commit message is displayed instead. Running "git tag" without arguments also lists all tags.

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No, no one sent you pictures on Tagged, and contrary to the "they may think you said no" guilt-trip, it's more likely that they had no idea that the email was sent in their name. And likely without their knowledge though whether or not it was with their "permission" is one for the lawyers to figure out. And yes, as I understand it, lawyers have become involved.

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