What It Means When She Says She Has a Boyfriend

If a girl says she has a boyfriend is that total rejection heart chakra connection with someone By Chase Amante I had an interesting conversation with one of our senior members on the discussion boards recently. This girl clearly liked him. Instead, in this case, it was attainability that triggered her bringing up the boyfriend. For instance, you might make a clumsy approach on a girl and have it go like this. Him. Hey.

boyfriend girls chase

In that case... You can't -- unless you're a mind-reader. You could ask her friends but they will probably lie for her. You could Facebook her but she may not include her relationship status. You just have to take her word for it.

when a girl says she has a boyfriend but likes you

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Exactly What To Do When You Get Rejected (Gets You More Women)

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If She Says She Has A Boyfriend, Is it a Test? - Fearless Q&A

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