Why the joke's on the husband who dumped Sarah Millican - the new queen of comedy

Gary married to sarah millican economics of love relationships Interview Interview by Heather Kincaid In a meme-dominated era, half the country seems to fancy themselves comedians on the internet. But though Twitter offers users the gary married to sarah millican of fleeting fame for one good gag, social media stars fall as quickly as they rise. And as the pros like Gary Delaney will tell you, sustaining that success is where the real hard graft comes in, from slogging through the touring admin to making sure he writes enough to use online and in live sets. Solihull's own king of the one-liner is among those who've made the most of the new medium, ideally suited to the pithy, well-formed jokes he favours. But gary married to sarah millican are difficulties, too.

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These days, it's hard to imagine the comedy world without its naughty-but-nice leading lady. It's been a decade since Millican was catapulted into our homes and hearts with jokes that were very rude and very funny but most of all, very relatable. And since then, as her popularity has showed no sign of waning, no topic has been off limits. From blow jobs to menstruating to farting in an enclosed space, we've heard it all.

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Sara Pascoe Live at the Apollo

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Sarah Millican Is Glad She Doesn't Have to Compete With Her Husband For Jokes - Loose Women

Sarah Millican's handy husband - Live at the Apollo: Series 10 Episode 1 preview - BBC One

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