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Founder of app neta symphony diet 12t vs 22t Go Beyond Visibility, Go Beyond Your Network with AppNeta Siliconreview Team With so many business-critical apps moving to the cloud, you need a fast, accurate way of monitoring performance from the end-user perspective, even on networks outside of your control. In a cloud-first world, fast, constant connectivity to founder of app neta apps is a must. When a problem arises, simply seeing it is not enough. Solutions that look beyond the LAN. Solutions that provide actionable information in real time. AppNeta delivers SaaS-based network and end-user experience performance monitoring for any cloud, every user, and all of your business locations. Essentially, we help IT professionals provide consistent, high-quality access to critical SaaS business applications. TruPath uses a lightweight, continuous methodology that allows accurate network performance monitoring without flooding a network which would make the network unusable. If TruPath identifies an issue it will automatically escalate the monitoring to a hop-by-hop diagnostic test and then run the results through an AI-based pattern matching algorithm to identify the root cause of performance problems. Who are some of your customers?

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