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Emily blunt height and weight statistics he refused to meet me She seems slightly shorter than Hathaway, who's 1,73m. I mean they're both in 170cm range Editor Rob. I'd view her as a weak 5ft 7 as in drops a fraction under it. She's about 5'5".

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She is very popular having been around since 2001 when she began as an actress and over the years, she has delivered some fantastic performances with her roles in movies such as The Devil Wears Prada, Edge of Tomorrow, and a host of others. Emily seemed almost cut out for acting because her mother was likewise an actress and a teacher. However, while growing up she began having stuttering problems which was later taken care of with the help of her teachers. From here, she proceeded to the Hurtwood House which was a performing arts school in Dorking.

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Emily Blunt says 'Mary Poppins' gave her 'cool points' with her kids

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