10 Reasons Dating In The Midwest Totally Sucks

Dating midwestern men dating website clone The region is noted for its weather which is very hot in the summer with temperatures above 37C and very cold in the winter with temperatures as low as -40C. The dating midwestern men part of the Midwest is very different from the western part which is mostly prairie land and almost completely empty. God only knows why you are here from your part of the world but whatever your reason you're enjoying it tremendously and think that all Americans are sweet as pie and kinder dating midwestern men saints. You are very dating midwestern men. Midwestern Men. Living in the Midwest, the men are taught to take tornados in their stride, to farm the land or to appreciate farming, to be patient, polite and boring.

midwestern mentality

I have spent time and lived in many states and countries. Im not into hang ups and stops. Having been around various cultures, im open to many things socially and sexually.

Signs You Were Born In The Midwest

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midwesterners vs southerners

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