7 Underappreciated Christian Metal Bands

Christian power metal artists austin eviction big brother Brutal Tunes Discussion surrounding Christian metal bands can become quite heated. Some argue that all music should be judged purely on musical merit and nothing else, and that if a Christian band sounded good they would listen it to, even if they were not practitioners of meyal Christian faith. Christian power metal artists are particularly divided when it comes to Christian-themed black metal, which is arguably one of the biggest contradictions in Christian thought since…well…the Spanish Inquisition.

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Contact Author Heavy Is the Head As I mentioned in a previous post several months ago, there are many, many artists within the heavier genres of Christian music. These bands and musicians—belonging to both hard rock and heavy metal genres—have been flourishing for decades, combining their unique sound, harsh vocals, and affirming messages in a blend that, surprisingly, works. While it can be an acquired taste for some, and while other listeners prefer other genres of music, Christian hard rock and heavy metal have their fan bases. Over the past decade or so, several of these heavier metal bands have produced some incredibly popular albums and songs. These acts have helped the genre skyrocket in popularity and allowed other bands to spread their content to eager listeners.

The Best Christian Power Metal Guitar Solos

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Affector - Harmagedon (Christian Power Metal)

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