What Happened to AJ Lee? See What She is Up To Now in 2018

Aj lee 2018 baby how persistent is too persistent reddit More than just an exclusively female event, Evolution was a love letter to aj lee 2018 baby single woman who strapped on a pair of boots and stepped through those ropes. Well, almost every single woman. You may be struggling to remember what was so special about AJ Lee.

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She states many times in the book that despite her living conditions she was an avid reader and she was always one of the top five percent of her class, even though she didn't like to socialize with her classmates. AJ couldn't afford the college but did manage to get a scholarship. Her mother had a lot of problems throughout her time at college and could no longer work so she couldn't keep up with the payments which meant that AJ was forced to drop out and get a regular job instead. She also has an older sister named Erica who has always been an integral part of AJ's life.

AJ Lee Transformation - From 5 To 30 Years Old

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Her strong and quirky personality resonated with an audience of millions as she skipped down the entrance ramp and into the ring where the undersized fighter dominated her larger opponents. Little did her vast legion of loyal fans realize that juxtaposition of her on-screen persona mirrored her real life struggle with Bipolar disorder; a mental illness that can make a person fall from the highest of emotional highs to an unbearable darkness in the blink of an eye. However, her greatest accomplishments came years earlier when she survived an ultra-violent upbringing and matured far too soon to parent her family as its youngest member. As a young child she once threw her tiny body on top of her mother as her father held a television high above his head and threatened to send it crashing down on his wife.

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