Adrienne Bailon: The Truth About My Relationship with Israel Houghton

Adrienne houghton husband ex wife first text message to a girl examples Who is Meleasa Houghton? However, she is probably best known from previously being married to musician Israel Houghton, for 21 years before their divorce. As she continues her endeavors, it is adrienne houghton husband ex wife that her wealth will also continue to increase. Early Life and Career Meleasa grew up in the USA, but there is almost no information about her childhood and early life, nor adrienne houghton husband ex wife it known where she gained her education before she found a career in gospel music. She helped the band create numerous hit songs, and helped produce many of their albums.

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She sang and wrote songs with the Isreal and Breed band for several years, winning a Dove Gospel Music Award and getting a Grammy nomination along the way. She was married to Grammy award winner, gospel music artist Isreal Houghton for over 20 years before getting divorced — they have 3 children together. She dedicated her life to Christ and the gospel ministry at a tender age.

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Adrienne Houghton Explains How She & Husband Israel Are Staying Positive During Fertility Journey

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Adrienne’s I Woke Up Like This

OMG, Adrienne’s Getting Married!

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