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Mahabodhi monastery facebook playwin highest jackpot Day 3. Bodhgaya Journey to Bodhgaya was the trickiest part. Took a bus from Khajuraho to Satna. We took a unreserved ticket,convinced mahabodhi monastery facebook TT and he gave us comfortable berths in 2nd AC coach with some super extra rupees though. Finalist Entry for World Architecture Festival 2015 Category. Completed Projects — Religious Building Originally founded in 1969, the monastery was redeveloped with the intention of creating a modern centre for Buddhist practice and culture, with a special focus on Buddhist art. The facade design was inspired by the golden colours and geometric patterns found on the cassock, or robe, of Buddhist monks. The facade was conceived of as a robe or shawl enveloping the inner building, evocative of the humble rice paddy, while at the same time enriched through the use of golden onyx. The onyx is constructed as a double panel with LED lighting inside, producing a warm glow reminiscent of traditional Chinese lanterns.

Buddhist Temple in Bodhgaya (Wat Pa Bodhgaya and Mettabuddharam Temple) - Buddhist Pilgrimage Series

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