I Fell In Love With My Ex’s Brother And I’ve Never Regretted Anything More

Is it wrong to talk to your ex brother on premise chatbot platform That is something that only happens in the movies, right? Side note. The last part is the best, but please do read the entire thing. Here it goes!

should your family be friends with your ex

My ex and I broke up in August. My ex's brother is my roommate's best friend. One night in November, after a full night of drinking, the brother was not able to drive home and he stayed over. He came into my room when the roommate was asleep and we ended up sleeping together. We talked about it and agreed that it wasn't a great idea to see each other.

My Friendship With Ex Was A Bad Idea

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I'm sure that at some point, I've even said it myself. When you're stuck in the post-breakup mindset, it's logical to think that your ex's closest friends and family could perhaps convince him or her to repair what has been broken and get back together with you. This doesn't work for two huge reasons. These conversations are completely out of your control, if they are even happening at all. Regardless of the reason you broke up, if your ex doesn't want to be with you, nothing his or her friends say will make a difference.

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my brother is dating my ex

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